You sit in your room 

You mope and you mope
Til one day he comes
And gives you a little hope
He kisses your head
Tells you your beautiful
Suddenly your trapped
All of your thoughts have been mis lead
Its not just your heart
Nigga gotcha mind too
Yall rockin well
And it all seems cool
Wrapped around his finger
Do whatever he want
Because hes your favorite singer
Sex soo right
His hugs so tight
After two days his scent still lingers
Picking up all of his habits
All of his ways
I mean
He got you completely in a daze
Everyone tells you
Its too good to be true
But you just gotta see for you
You see no faults til you get that call…
“Hey its shirley”
“Do you know Jamal?”
“I was just callin’ bc I know this yo man and all”
“But he at my house past out”
“So I thought I’d call”
Now your sitting there stuck
Now you dont give a fuck
No more love and no more trust
That one nigga didnt care enough
Messed it all up
So when the next one come
Best believe its gon be tough
Tearing down bricks
As you build the next wall
Cant be left open
“We aint taking another fall”
You say…
“He had me fucked up”
-“Baby that aint my fault”
“I could love you right I aint Jamal”
So you let your guard down …
One more chance
“God CANT let this happen again”
Everythings right
Quickly shoots left
Now whos to blame
You stuck with his kid
And cant give em his name….



A firework only last a few short seconds… i want to be like the sun and spread the full days blessing of brightness…. nothing but great energy and hot vibes… cool rests and chills at night… ill dim my special light… so that the people can focus on the twinkle in my eye…appreciate me while i am here because my appearance will be short lived… momentarily… thinking of my dexterity… its garanteed in that time i shall be missed… take the chance now and give me your passionate kiss… ball of fire is what i am… hotheaded, wild rays, and bright… i just spark and take flight… leaving yesterdays stress in the past… i make sure to make every second of this shit last… then night falls and i am simple, cool and full of serenity… heat goes and i no longer care of thier opinions of me… i am an entity… it is only me… 

To Be Cont’d…

What is love ?

What is love

Is it holdin you
Kissing you
Or the constant feeling of missing you
Vibing and riding
Living and dying
What is love
And why do I love you
Love has to be touching you
Looking in your eyes
My heart beating 1000 times a second
What is love
The feeling of knowing all about you
Yet feeling like i dont know enough
What is love
Wanting you every second of the day
Hoping the feeling never fades away
Laying under you
Hoping youll be there in the morning
How you put no one else before me
What is love
The constant care
My longated stares
Butterflies wings that flare
With the summer air
Flattened tire
Replace it with a spare
Hurt you intentionally
I wouldnt dare
I love you
What is love…
I want you so bad
You give me feelings I never had
Upset bc certain traits remind me of my dad
The part is i never got to truly have…
Feeling the feeling of “i can’t live with out you”
How my mood suddenly changes when im around you
Mad to glad
Insecure to completely rad
My heart with you
That’s where its at
So is that love
I want to know so badly
I want to give you my love
How can you give your love
With out first asking…
What is love 


Baby you were used

Used by all those men and women
That claim they ran through you
Used hurt and crying alone
After they all said that they loved you
How they would do anything for you
Baby you were used.
Played like a fuckin fool
And more worked like a fuckin tool
Load on your back
Your a fuckin mule
Used over and over to fill voids they were all missing
You hit them up later just to double check, just wishing
You feel lost…. no purpose… back to worthless
Thinking how they never really wanted you
Never really loved you
Lonely and tryna figure out yo purpose
Baby you were used
Lonely nights endless fights
All this agression puts you into flight
Now you full of vengence
Doin shit outta spite
Its not really you but you wanna make it right
Heart is broken
Feelings are stolen
You were once so kind
With the innocence of a childish mind
Now your grown
With no one to hold
Cant callem your own
Baby you were used
Taken for granted
While growing up mind being abused
By family friends and the media too
All these things got you wrapped into not knowing you
The potential you have and things you can really do
Make your mark
Let em wish they didnt do that to you
Speak your mind…keep preaching the truth
When they ask how u got there
Dont be afraid to tell them
Baby I was used.


Friends friends

Dont have friends
Stick to your self
And make yo ends
Every one is fake
Dont letem in
Youll be back at square one
On the look out for more
Leave it alone while you can or youll be sore
Im talkin deep within your core
Keep yo wall up
Keep your business private
Trust me been there …tried it
Soon as you spill your beans
Theyll be running round town feeding the whole team
Im tryna save you
You can trust me
After all we’re friends now
Cant you see
Ive been so honest from the jump
Im different from the rest
Im the friend you dont wanna dump
You obviously didnt listen the first time
Now you feel played because I just hurt you
Its okay its what we all go through
Thats the shit they all say
He he he! all in your face
So do yo shit
Trust me youll see
Friends till the end
Bullshit !
Take it from me


​What do you feel

When its just you and the mirror
The shower fog goes away and its getting clearer
You feel alone
Because you have no one to talk to
The love feeling is gone
Because your heart doesnt know how to
Running so long now you face your self
You break down and cry
And you’re wondering why
You feel so ugly and disgusting inside
You know you should love yourself
But you have nothing left
Insecurities come out
All you do is pout
You want to cut again
The route no one can win
You feel low and it shows
Embarrassed because you think someone may know
Trying to hide it
Til the tears become less
Someone comes along and says you’re worthless
But who are you to put a price on me
I am the only one who passes judgement  on me
So am I worthless?
Or is that just what they all see
Because of my lack of security
Oh how I wiiish this wasn’t me
I break down to my knees
How the fuck do I get comfortable
Being just me
Im worthless?
Thats the label they gave me.


​When shes hurt

When shes alone
When her thoughts are all she knows
When its dark
And when its cold
She looks for someone to hold
She wants affection
And shes tired of agression
Full of rage
And her heart is locked in a cage
Everyone who had her
Had done her wrong
No family and no friends
Just drugs, drinking and making her ends
Fuck it all is all that she says
As she drinks and smokes
To numb it all
She falls
The floor is cold
A feeling she all to well knows
She runs
When the drugs no longer work
When her heart wont stop the hurt
When her problems are to much
When time is at its crunch
She runs
Til she simply can’t
A girl fragile, like a plant
Words do kill
They are sharp ass blades of steel
She’s lost herself
And doesn’t know the first place to look
She runs
In hopes to find her…
She runs.